Container Gardening

Container gardens are ideal for those who have little garden space, but they can also serve a practical purpose. Basil, chives, thyme and other herbs like to grow in pots that can be placed in front of the kitchen door. This gives the garden charm and can grow a garden for gardeners who are limited …

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Organic Gardening Guide

Organic gardening is the growth of plants, vegetables and fruits in the most natural way without utilising pesticides or synthetic man-made chemical fertilisers. What is an organic garden? An organic garden supports and nourishes the millions of organisms that make up healthy soil and creates harmony with the natural ecosystem by replenishing consumed resources. Organic …

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English Cottage Garden with white picket fence

15 Tips for Creating a Cottage Garden

The cottage garden style is very popular amongst gardening enthusiasts that enjoy the wealth of colour, scent and wildlife produced by unique English style. Here are 15 of the best tips on how to create a traditional cottage garden of your own.  


The Ultimate Guide to Cottage Gardens

Cottage Gardens Cottage gardens are a form of garden that feature informal planting and the primary focus is a pragmatic use of plants and edibles. A traditional cottage garden is all about charm and character and encourages wandering and evokes whimsy.